My Patriots’ Pride

Welcome Patriots!

Patriot's Pride was created as a Veterans Day celebration in honor of all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender(LGBT) service members, and other sexual minorities that have served their country honorably but throughout the history of the United States of America had never been treated equally. The march and rally events sought to celebrate and honor the proud service of LGBT and civil service members across America, in small towns and big cities alike.

With the ending of DADT, LGB citizens now have the right to serve without being forced into shame and hiding. Unfortunately, the newfound rights have not included those within the Transgender population. 

Now more then ever it is important that we continue take a stand to encourage the inclusion of all who wish to serve, regardless of gender or sexual preference. As patriots we know our America can continue to improve so that equality is shared by all who inhabit this great nation!

Come together on the day of DADT repeal (September 20th) for a march and rally near you. For past locations, and to submit your event click here