My Patriots’ Pride

LGBT Veterans Day Mission

Only very recently only in some cities and towns in the United States
 have LGBT veterans been allowed to march openly in Veterans Day parades. Normally, LGBT groups were placed in the back of these parades. This year for the first time in U.S. history and inspired by Stonewall 2.0, LGB members are claiming their rightful inclusion. However, this still leaves out those who are Transgender.

We encourage My Patriots Pride (MPP) marches and rallies to be held on DADT Repeal day September 20th, with special emphasis on the need for Transgender open service.


What Does a MPP Event Entail?:

Each participant is encouraged to wear a t-shirt of their service’s color and/or the name of their service. Feel free to make signs expressing why the restrictions placed upon military service, and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) are wrong and discriminatory; as well as signs that support the positive Federal level legislation that is currently in proposal on Capitol Hill.

After the march, join us for a rally where we will highlight local community veterans, and hear their messages. After the rally plan to  return together via foot to parking.

Wear comfortable shoes, water and snacks, and most importantly, bring your pride!